When it comes to money, it is crucial to maintain an openhonest and direct level of communication, so let me be clear:

  • I will NOT seek to outperform market benchmarks at the risk of getting you off-plan
  • I will NOT accept any compensation tied to third-party products or services
  • I will always put your interests first and recommend the best course of action that I can

Furthermore, I pledge the following:

Fiduciary Oath:

I will exercise my best efforts to act in good faith and in your best interest.

I will provide written disclosure prior to our engagement (and anytime during our engagement) of any conflicts of interest which reasonably may compromise my independence or impartiality.

Neither I nor any party in which I have an interest receives any compensation that is contingent on your purchase or sale of any financial product.

I do not receive a fee or other compensation from any other party based on any referrals I provide.

In other words:

  • I will always act in good faith and with candor
  • I will be proactive in disclosing any conflicts that may impact you
  • I will not accept any referral fees or compensation contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product.

Additionally, my firm is committed to the Best Practices For Professional Conduct Standards put forth by the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard.  Read the full document here.